Why Xero and business go hand in hand….

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Why Xero ?

Xero allows us and our clients to view and share the same information at the same time – anywhere, anytime. No more sending files back and forth, and no need to upgrade software for us to be compatible with our clients software. Xero’s features include :

Direct daily bank feeds

Xero is connected to a range of banks so our clients’ bank transactions automatically appear every day, saving time and taking away the pain of manual data entry. With automatic daily bank feeds it is easy to keep books up-to-date on a more regular basis, providing our clients with real-time up to date information.

Cash flow is king

Xero banking integration improves awareness of cash flow and visibility of cash in and cash out. The daily bank feeds enable small business owners to quickly reconcile bank accounts and check daily cash balance. 

Constant improvment

Xero is constantly evolving. These seamless improvements all take place behind the scenes, meaning no hassle and no stress.

With Xero there is only one version of the software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Xero looks after all the enhancements and upgrades – you don’t have to worry about installing discs or IT.

For further information please contact Leanne on: 

0845 365 1000 or Leanne.Owen@hsj.uk.com