The Firebreak Lockdown

The current 2-week lockdown in Wales is going to be difficult for us all to go through. Towards the end of the summer, a lot of businesses were going back to some normality and we were once again able to see our family and friends.

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Auto Enrolment – Employer issues

Back in 2012, less than half of private-sector employees in the UK had a pension scheme. Today, that figure is 85% and this huge increase is due to the successful rollout of auto-enrolment. It started with the largest companies and now applies to employers of all sizes with staff earning more than £10,000 a year, and who are aged between 22 and state pension age. However, auto-enrolment poses many challenges for smaller employers…

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The VAT Account

The VAT account provides the link between the digital VAT records and the VAT return submitted to the Revenue. Under MTD for VAT, the information which must be held in the VAT account must be maintained digitally and this is referred to as the ‘electronic account’. To...

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