About our services

Who is your service provided for?

We offer a complete range of services designed for individuals, start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

What services do you provide?

As accountants, auditors, tax and business advisors we offer professional services for business and individuals. All our services are expertly tailored to ensure we meet needs of every client.

Our business services include, payroll solutions, audit and assurance services , all aspects of taxation, accounting, we also provide complete financial outsourcing solutions.

We provide services for individuals to help manage, strengthen and protect personal finances.

How much do you charge?

Our fees are based on the time we spend on your affairs and the levels of skill and responsibility involved. As the requirements of no two clients are identical, neither are our fees. We would be pleased to quote in advance for our services, during a free initial meeting with you.

Why HSJ Accountants?

Why should I choose HSJ instead of another firm of Accountants?

  • Our team are here to help you and we really are client focused.
  • We believe that the success of both our clients and our firm are linked to the quality of the relationship between our staff and our clients and the service we deliver.
  • We are a medium sized firm with lots of commercial skills and larger firm experience. This gives us the ability to provide the specialist services offered by the larger Accountancy firms, but at more affordable fee levels.
  • Although we act for numerous multi-million pound turnover businesses and various specialist organisations, our client base has traditionally been biased towards SMEs, the family owned or owner managed businesses and the individuals behind them.
  • We therefore intimately understand how such businesses work, what their aspirations are and how they require our help with taking away the worry of compliance matters and in minimising their tax payments.
    We are very lucky and honoured to have very high levels of staff continuity. As a client this means that your contact person will possess knowledge of your affairs which dates back years, and you won’t need to waste time explaining past events.

How do I switch from my current accountant to HSJ?

We are required by the ethical guidelines of the Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales to follow a prescribed procedure before accepting new clients:

  • We must ask you to inform your existing Accountant of the proposed change.
  • You should then supply us with the contact details of this Accountant.
  • We shall then formally write to this Accountant seeking information which could influence our decision as to whether or not to properly accept appointment.
  • The existing Accountant is under a professional duty to reply to this request and advise us accordingly.
  • Assuming we are satisfied that we can properly accept appointment, we shall inform you of this and confirm with you, in writing, our specific terms of engagement.
  • We shall then obtain any information we deem appropriate from the previous Accountant and, where relevant, register with the Inland Revenue as your new tax agent.

Can you act as my accountant, even though I am not based nearby?

Yes, our offices are based just off the M4 motorway, conveniently situated between the cities of Newport and Cardiff. However, we can also access IT systems remotely, allowing us to assist you with any accounting queries instantly, so location is not an issue.