Tips for invoicing in XERO

The invoicing function in Xero is easy to use and efficient. Here are some top tips for making this job painless.

  • Get your templates right. Take the time to upload your branding, play with the layout and ensure the invoice looks as you want it to.  You can also edit the email wording, this allows you to issue them at the touch of a button in the future.
  • Xero allows you to set up repeating invoices for those recurring fees, this is a real time saver each month, you can also ‘copy’ invoices which is a useful tool rather than re-typing out very detailed invoices with minor changes.
  • You can email out invoices in batches, this saves you printing and postage costs but more valuable than that it saves you essential time you can put to better use.
  • By using Xero to manage the invoicing and credit control system the complete history relating to a customer is one place under ‘history & notes’ this shows an accurate timeline of when an invoice was issued, when a statement was issued etc.
  • By pairing with online payment providers such as GoCardless and PayPal when you send an invoice your email can contain a link to lead your customer to payment. You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay in order to keep the cash coming in on time.

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