Sign & send documents online with our e-signature function

Today’s technology allows us to access emails, contact colleagues, attend meetings without being the same room or even in the same country yet when our clients need to sign and return important documents it can take up to two weeks.

The current process usually goes something like this:

Print the document (which can be anything from 1 page to 40 pages)

Pack and send (oh….lets not forget to pay for the postage)

Two days later – 

Documents arrive at destination (or do they?)…… 

The “very busy, constantly on the move” recipient, opens post the day after it arrives.

As soon as they get the time (more often or not, this will be some time over the weekend) they review and sign the document.

They pack and send the documents back to the return address.

Two days later – 

Documents arrive at destination (or do they?)…..

Two weeks? Just to provide a signature…

We know how busy our clients are, the feeling ‘that there’s never enough hours in the day’ is something we can all relate to…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, continually reviewing process’s to provide our clients with a service that is fast, friendly and efficient.

This two week process now takes just two clicks with our NEW electronic signature function…

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature — also known as ane-signature — is a simple and legally recognised way to indicate consent or approval on a digital document or form.

A digital signature is a specific implementation of an e-signature that requires the signer to have a certificate-based digital ID.

Are e-signatures legal and secure?

    • They are in-fact, more secure due to multiple protections and certifications, e-signatures are typically more secure than pen and ink signatures.
    • Legally binding, our electronic signature function is recognised as legally valid, not only in the UK but in many countries around the world.
    • Tested, we have joined many of the worlds industry leaders by using e-signatures in 
      business processes.
    • Offers additional levels of security, tracking, and control.

How does it work?

An email is sent which lets you know your document is ready. With a few quick clicks, you can open, review, sign, and send the file back — all from the convenience of a web browser or mobile device.

Both the sender and recipient know precisely when the document is opened, signed, and returned. With real time tracking there’s no need to wonder if it’s reached it’s destination or if it’s lost in transit.

No special software to download or install – Simply sign and send documents on-line.

Copies of all correspondence are provided instantly to both sender and recipient.  

Sending documents is as easy as sending emails. Signing & returning them is even easier.