Our top 5 Xero add-ons

Our top 5 essential Xero add-ons

One of the main advantages of using Xero for your accounting system is the open API (application program interface) it has. What does that mean? Essentially anyone can create their own software that can link into Xero and make use of the data held in the system, or even add more data to it. Because of this, there is a thriving marketplace for Xero add-ons that allow you to greatly expand the usefulness of Xero and allow you to automate the flow of data through your internal systems.

This has led to a number of industry specific software being created for the legal industry, construction, hospitality, retail, trades, professional services and many more. There are also many that have been created that work across a variety of businesses, and here we have listed our Top 5 picks…

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