Our top 5 essential add-ons for Xero users

One of the main advantages of using Xero for your accounting system is the open API (application program interface) it has. What does that mean? Essentially anyone can create their own software that can link into Xero and make use of the data held in the system, or even add more data to it.

Because of this, there is a thriving marketplace for Xero add-ons that allow you to greatly expand the usefulness of Xero and allow you to automate the flow of data through your internal systems. This has led to a number of industry specific software being created for the legal industry, construction, hospitality, retail, trades, professional services and many more.

There are also many that have been created that work across a variety of businesses, we’ve listed our Top 5 picks.

1.   Scanning bills – AutoEntry

While there are a few different options on the App Marketplace for add-ons that can scan your bills, we have found AutoEntry to be our top pick. AutoEntry allows you to scan your bills and then read the information off them and enter them into Xero. This alone can save you hours of admin time.

2.   Managing approvals – ApprovalMax

Once you have gotten your bills scanned in, quite often they will need to be approved before being paid by different people, and that’s where ApprovalMax comes in. By automatically watching Xero for new purchases, it can send out emails to a set workflow of approvers, and all they need to do is open the email and click approve. Once all approvers have accepted the purchase, it’s marked as awaiting payment. This process not only makes approvers jobs easy; it saves your accounts team chasing to get purchases approved.

3.   Direct debits and online payments – GoCardless

Xero’s invoicing tool is a powerful and easy way of getting your sales out to your clients. The invoices can be sent over email and opened in your client’s web browser. You can also enable online payment options with add-ons like GoCardless. Allowing you to collect regular direct debit payments and invoices. It’s easy to setup and automatically record payments in Xero making your bookkeeping easy.

4.   Job management – WorkflowMax

Businesses have to manage ongoing task/ jobs/ projects and many don’t have a tool for recording this. With WorkflowMax you can easily record project tasks and enter costs, fees, and time. These get exported into Xero, this ensures you’re collecting all the correct revenues.

5.   Staff management – Deputy

Timesheets and scheduling can end up being a bit of a nightmare., we think that Deputy a good solution. With great features you can schedule shifts, record employees time and easily export them to your payroll provider. You can also use Deputy for recording leave allowances and manage requests straight from your mobile.

These are just a few add-ons that we have worked with, and there are plenty that would help your business.

If you would like to discuss your software needs or to find out more about Xero please get in touch, we’re here to help you.

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