Lockdown lessons – What we learned from lockdown

Lockdown lessons – What we learned from lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge eye opener on the way businesses operate and how we all work. For instance, the importance of good processes and systems has been highlighted with the new normal of remote workforces and the ever-increasing number of companies who will not be returning to an office.

Therefore, here are some of the lockdown lessons we have learned that might be helpful for you.

We can still work effectively from home

Many businesses have long dismissed flexible and remote working for years as it has been associated with lower productivity. However, the pandemic has forced us to revaluate this notion and it appears the opposite is true with productivity increasing in some areas.

For instance, by removing often stressful commutes and allowing more flexibility in working hours, employees are benefiting from a better work/ life balance and employers are seeing a return in increased productivity.

Business resilience is key

Ensuring that there is a plan in place in the event of unexpected circumstances is vital to keeping business continuity. Who is going to be able to answer the phone? Do our systems allow remote working? Can our internal processes continue with a split workforce? These are all questions that a plan should be in place for.

How are your systems helping you?

There has been a lot of talk for years now about cloud and remote systems, with a number of trailblazers having already made the jump to new technologies. This pandemic has now forced cloud technology to go mainstream. As a result, a variety of businesses are now benefiting from the features and advances of it. Keeping old outdated server-based software stops businesses from growing and innovating.

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