Get Xero working for you – Xero top tips

The clever and neat cloud accounting solutions have really taken the market by storm, so now you have signed up, this is supposed to make accounting easy and fun, but are you using all the features to your advantage?

These are my 5 Top Xero functions to make the accounting easy.

Bank rules

Set up bank rules wherever you can, this will save you having to enter the data manually.

Recurring invoices

Set up invoices to be created automatically for you, if this is relevant in your business. This can save valuable time each month.

Email templates

Get your email templates for quoting, invoicing and credit control right and you automate this function rather than have to manually change every time you send something.

Xero app

Use the Xero App to make the most out of commuting or otherwise ‘dead’ time.  You can carry out a lot of functions directly from the app.

Budget manager

Entering your budgets and targets for the year ahead makes measuring your business against these really easy and useful.  You can track performance against budget at the press of a button. 

Create budgets using Budget Manager in Xero accounting software