Flexible Working

Flexible Working

To be successful, organisations need to be flexible and able to adapt to employees varied home or personal situations. Flexible working now plays a major role in this. It is not a new concept, and many large organizations have adopted this practice over the years. This is all about offering employees choice around where and when they work. As long as their job can be done, whether this be flexible hours, hot-desking or working from home.

Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, for example having flexible start and finish times, working from home, or even working from a clients’ premises. It’s all about offering a choice and of course, being flexible.

The advances in technology and the digital world has made it easier to facilitate this. As a result, more people are taking advantage of working with ‘cloud’ based technology.

The goal is to create an efficient, effective organisation based on motivated, productive individuals. The main difference being the shift from attendance, to results and performance.

Offering employees flexibility can also lead to cost efficiencies, in these challenging economic times, that must be a good thing.

However, as with the introduction of anything new it requires a shift in corporate culture. Also, this approach will not be suited to every company and employer. There is no one size fits all, therefore organizations that have embraced this have devised a system that suits them.

More information for employers and employees can be found on on the Government website.