Clever quoting with Xero

The quoting process is one of the most important for a business as it is often the first impression a company can make to a potential client and it can say a huge amount about your business. Quite often word and excel documents are used. This leads to some common issues which include problems with keeping track of the quotes issued and inconsistent quality as different fonts and therefore displays are utilised.

Using software to produce your quotes overcomes this and makes the process quicker but can be expensive. However, now Xero has a quoting function and it is part of your accounts software it not only makes the output very professional looking it also streamlines this administration function, leaving you more time to grow your business. 

Here are 5 reasons to use Xero to manage your quotes:

  1. The quoting system allows you to easily keep track of quotes issued by all members of the team in one handy place and also allows you to easily edit a quote when required.
  2. By uploading the branding and setting the templates it means the quotes are professional and standardised, a common problem with word and excel quotes is that staff use different fonts, have calculation errors, the output to potential clients here is standardised, ensuring quality control across all team members without the headache of checking each one.
  3. The system clearly identifies the quotes sent out and those accepted. This allows you to easily review those quotes where no response has been received and follow up on those.
  4. By easily splitting out quotes accepted and rejected it makes analysing these results more easily. As a business is growing, such analysis can provide valuable review and conversations about why quotes were successful / unsuccessful allowing you to learn valuable lessons for future quoting.
  5. Once the quote has been accepted, rather than duplicating the work of then creating an invoice with that detail on, the invoice can be created from the quote at the touch of a button. This ensures accuracy and prevents any waste of time.