Carrying the torch for businesses in Wales.

Carrying the torch for businesses in Wales.

 Despite a push by the government to encourage high street banks to lend more, it is clear that in many cases they have in fact shrunk their lending.

Our team at Henry Howard Finance believe that this lack of lending from banks has prompted business leaders to evaluate how they fund future equipment needs.

We are speaking more and more with businesses that require support with their equipment needs and are seeking alternatives to traditional funding lines.

Nominated Finance Partner to a number of high-profile, multi-national equipment  suppliers, our experienced team asset finance options for a variety of business equipment. This year we have set in place more than £30m of funding lines to SME’s, this is expected to increase to £45m in the forthcoming year.

We have also secured a further tranche of funding, allowing us to increase lending capacity to businesses throughout Wales.

Could this be just the helping hand your business needs?

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