QA Plus Ltd

Chris Davis

QA Plus Limited

Software development

South Wales

More about our extraordinary client:
Owner Chris Davis has been running QA Plus for over 20 years. Chris and his team provide software solutions for Government sector organisations to streamline and improve their control of statutory standards for public services and to organisations using these services. Using sophisticated quality management systems QA plus help public services maintain and improve client and patient feedback and control costs of care.

QA has invested over £5 million in their QA+ database enabling Health and Local Authorities to record statutory requirements and departmental standards against which public services can be licenced. QA’s customers can be any organisation where caseworkers, inspectors and assessors are responsible for quality reviews and reporting against these standards. Another use of the system is to manage and fund the placement of children or adults with licenced services such as Nursing Homes or Foster Parents.

QA’s client list includes Early Years / Childrens Services, local authorities, health trusts, central government and fostering agencies across the UK and in North America and Australia.

HSJ have been advising QA Plus since the business started over 20 years ago. Our team are responsible for preparing annual accounts, corporate and personal tax planning and wealth management. We want to ensure Chris and his team meet their goals and save tax.

Handcrafted solution:
I have built up a close relationship with Chris over the years. That’s given me a thorough understanding of his business and his personal financial needs and we have been able to help Chris achieve his needs with innovative tax solutions

What our client thinks:
HSJ understand my business and personal goals. Their tax team in particular are very inventive, saving us tax by advising on schemes such as share purchases, property arrangements and remuneration facilities. We have been with them for 20 years and they are still very proactive!