Cloud technology specialists

HSJ launches a new division aimed at delivering cloud software products to businesses.

The new venture, called HSJ Strato, will bring the best cloud software from across the globe to the fingertips of Welsh businesses.

HSJ Strato are the techie arm of HSJ Accountants. We can help you take advantage of the cloud for your business.

Embrace the cloud

Embracing the cloud has a range of advantages, most businesses move to the cloud for three reasons: security, flexibility, and opportunity. We help you take advantage of all three.

There are so many cloud apps available to replace desktop software and help your business run smarter. HSJ Strato will select and embed the right technology to take away operational headaches.

As technology specialists, we understand the frustrations business owners face when things take too long or information is not readily available. HSJ Strato can take away those frustrations and help you improve your bottom line.

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