The Renewable Heat Incentive – Could you get FREE heating?

The Renewable Heat Incentive, (RHI), is a Government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to help assist the Government in achieving their EU imposed targets for reductions in carbon emissions. Heat generated from wood pellets reduces carbon emissions by 95% over fossil fuels. For the non-domestic sector the RHI provides an inflation linked subsidy, payable for 20 years, to eligible, renewable heat installations based in Great Britain. RHI is paid from general tax revenues and does not come from the, much publicised, Renew-ables Obligation, which power supply companies add to electricity bills.

Biomass Partners UK Limited has been established to work with various entities to install biomass heating systems and share with them the receipts from the Government’s RHI.

About Biomass Partners UK.

  • We supply a new biomass boiler, all the required ancillary equipment and building work in order to enable customers to immediately benefit from the savings that burning wood pellets offer over domestic heating oil or LPG.
  • We handle all aspects of dealing with Ofgem, who administer the RHI scheme on behalf of the government.
  • Following installation, we are responsible for boiler maintenance and repairs.
  • We also ensure uninterrupted wood pellet supply.

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How the/sites/ finance works.

Biomass Partners UK purchase and install the boiler, along with the required ancillary equipment and perform any building work required to house the boiler and the pellet store.

Our customer enters into a five year contract for the supply of hot water from the installation to provide their central heating system and hot water needs. Thereafter the contract has a twelve month cancellation clause.

In order for the work and installation to be undertaken the customer pays a deposit equivalent to half their annual fuel bill. This money is treated as prepayment and is offset in full against the customer’s heating and fuel bills.

The customer pays for heating at the reduced rate based upon monthly meter readings by direct debit. The customer immediately gains from the reduced cost of heating with wood pellets compared to domestic heating oil or LPG.

From the beginning of the third year we commence rebate payments to the customer of a proportion of the government RHI receipts. The rebates reduce monthly heating bills.

The initial rebate will be 10% and rises annually to 75% in the final year.

The total value of rebates and fuel savings over the period of the RHI may well exceed total energy costs and cost of servicing that would have been made with the existing installation.

At the end of the period the ownership of the boiler is transferred to the customer.

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