Summer of sport; short-term absence management checklist

Summer of sport; short-term absence management checklist

2012 is set to be rife with prestigious sporting events and UK businesses are faced with the daunting task of short-term absence management. As Spain win Euro 2012 and the Olympics are fast approaching, employees taking unplanned leave to watch major sporting events will burden the UK SME sector with a range of productive and financial issues.

Effective HRM has created this handy checklist in order to help employers tackle short-term employee absence:    

  •     Absence policy

A clear and accessible absence policy can ensure confusion is avoided and provides the employee with the necessary information on the disciplinary process if he/she decides to take unplanned leave without a legitimate cause.

  • Monitor absenteeism

Ensure appropriate and consistent procedures are in place for reporting short-term absenteeism and that these procedures are effectively communicated to all those in management. Conducting a return-to-work interview after an absence has occurred will allow management to discover the cause for an unplanned absence. 

  • Record and Review absenteeism

Keeping a record of employee absence is crucial for establishing trends in short-term absenteeism.Outsourcing HR cloud computing software provides a fast and cost effective way for an employer to track and review recurrent short-term absenteeism.

Frequent short-term absences can cause a great degree of disruption among SME’s and possessing the capabilities to address these issues can prove complex and very time consuming for business owners.Outsourcing HR operations is an easy and cost effective option which can help drive down recurrent absence problems.