SME Investment Funding

Are you taking advantage of the SME Investment Fund?

SMEs can now access a new £40million investment fund managed by Finance Wales to support SME growth, encourage job creation and boost the Welsh economy.

This new four-year SME Investment Fund, worth £40m, will be managed by Finance Wales. It will complement the existing £150 million European-backed Wales JEREMIE fund which provides the Welsh Government’s main source of commercial finance for eligible SMEs.
So far, £80 million has been invested in more than 390 businesses from the Wales JEREMIE fund in just over two years and it has proved to be the best performing fund of its type in the UK.

However, fewer than half of the SMEs in Wales currently meet the eligibility criteria set out by the European Commission for JEREMIE.  This new SME Investment fund will ensure more SMEs, including those who sell their goods and services to consumers rather than businesses, become eligible for repayable commercial investment from Finance Wales.To be eligible for this fund SMEs must meet the following criteria explained Sam MacAlister-Smith Investment Executive for Finance Wales:

  • The businesses we invest in must be located in Wales
  •  Employing up to 250 people
  • Application is via our website

If you would like help with looking at funding options for your business then please contact