Paper shortage delays tax reminders

HMRC has announced that almost half a million self assessment tax payers will be late in receiving their July tax reminders. This has come as a result of a shortage in paper due to the rise of statements that have had to be issued for July.

The tax reminders usually go out to notify people of the second on account sum that needs to be paid by 31 July.

Although the majority has been sent as planned, almost 500,000 tax payers won’t be getting their reminders on time.

The HMRC commented:

“Due to exceptionally high demand this year we are experiencing delays in sending paper self assessment tax statements to customers.

Will I be charged interest for late payment?

No. Normally interest is paid on the amount due if payment is late, but HMRC has reassured that anyone who receives their statement in August will be given 30 days to make payment after receipt of their statement. Only then will interest be chargeable. It is therefore important that the date of receipt is documented if affected.

A HMRC spokesman said:

“This in no way prevents the accurate payment of tax and no one will be out of pocket as a result. Account information can be viewed on line so it isn’t necessary to wait for a paper statement. We very much regret any inconvenience and will send paper statements to everyone who should have one as soon as possible. People who pay late because of our error won’t have to pay interest.” 

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