Guide for landlords…

Work smarter, not harder…3 step guide for property landlords.

See how our new software bundle can help you manage your property portfolio with ease.

  • Manage all your properties and tenancies in one place on a cloud based system: This will ensure you know exactly what is going on at all times and you can manage your properties with minimal effort from anywhere.
  • Keep on top of your finances: Re-leased links with Xero – a cloud accounting solution which can pull in your bank statements, the systems can talk to each other so you will instantly know if one of your tenants has or has not paid.  You will have up to date financial information and access to clever reports that can show you how each property is performing.
  • Communicate with your tenants the smart way: Re-leased has an app for your tenants too, they can use it to tell you about repairs or anything else. A great communication tool for you both.

By breaking down ‘property management’ into these 3 simple areas and finding easy to use technology that saves you time and money, you really can be a smarter landlord and why work harder when you can simply work smarter?


If you would like a demonstration and to find out more about the various pricing levels of this software bundle, please contact Leanne Owen on: 01633 815800 –

PS: We are holding a free event for landlords offering expert advice on the financial aspects of running your property portfolio. The event is on Tuesday 3rd July and is free to attend, to find out more, please click here.