Do you know who’s on site? Keeping safe in construction.

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Having the best people on board is essential when it comes to maintaining both safety and productivity levels in any industry, not least within construction.  As a business owner operating within the field, the people that you bring on site represent your business and the standard of performance which your company upholds as employees who are visible to the customer the majority of the time. Ensuring each individual has the right experience and qualifications in place during the recruitment process is vital, therefore, in order to maintain both a company’s overall reputation and ultimately a safe working environment too. With this in mind, background checks can prove crucial when looking to secure the right people on site to get the job done professionally, efficiently and above all safely.  

By the very nature of the physical work involved, construction as an industry must take safety into consideration when it comes to all of the relevant systems and processes required. A construction site can have numerous people on board at any given time, making health and safety a primary concern at all times in order to prevent physical injuries first and foremost. Here at CBS we believe that, with this in mind, background checks should be included in the hiring process as standard practice to help ensure that not only the most suitably qualified people end up working on a project, but also the most reliable when it comes to the preservation of personal safety too.

The tendency for losses to occur within the construction industry is seemingly more frequent than in some others too. On a building site, at any given time a team is given access to expensive equipment that has the potential to be stolen either gradually over time, or in one big hit that could end up costing a business thousands. In 2015, a survey conducted for the Chartered found that 92% of respondents in the construction industry had been regularly affected by theft, with 21% citing theft as occurring on a weekly basis. For any business, this is an unnecessary cost which cannot be treated lightly and processes must be put in place to help minimise such risks. Background checks can also help prevent such issues arising, as they look at a candidate’s criminal history, previous employment records and qualificationsClick here to continue reading. 

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