10k Charity race count down!

HSJ 10k target image

The story so far…

As some of you may already know, HSJ will be running the 10K charity race for MESIG! The last few months have been a routine of strenuous, hard core training for Kim, Nick and Rachael, whilst the rest of us at HSJ sit at our desks in the comfort of our cozy office cheering them on of course!

With only a few short weeks left till the big day they are now more than ready for the race, with Nick and Rachael breaking their personal best record… thats completing a whole training session without collapsing –  we are sure the 10K will be a breeze! if not we will have the MESIG team cheering for us on the day!

Christalla Davies, membership secretary from MESIG said:

” We are extremely grateful to Kim, Nick and Rachael at HSJ Accountants for supporting our cause. M.E is a cruel debilitating condition affecting 250,000 people in the UK. We have no specialist in Wales despite the fact that M.E is recognised and documented as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation, so we appreciate all the support we get. Many thanks for supporting us to support them.”

How we’re doing…

We have had tremendous support already but we are still a bit behind to reaching our £1000 target. So many thanks to those who have already shown their fantastic support, we really appreciate it!

If you would like to help please do so by ringing 0845 365 1000 to make a contribution big or small it will be greatly appreciated.

Or if you prefer you can send us a cheque. Please make payable to HSJ Accountants and send to:

Hsj Accountants,

Marketing/Events- Dept

Severn House

Hazell Drive


NP10 8FY

Thank you for your support!

HSJ Accountants.